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A Real Estate Agency

Our clients choose our agency, because we provide them with free advice and guiding for all the phases of a real estate transaction. What is even more important, we offer high quality and trustworthy solutions. Please, become acquainted with our services.



In the course of purchasing a real estate, the hunting out of the relevant supply is a most important issue. Our office strives for presenting our client a comprehensive market cyclorama. We achieve this by keeping in touch with all the domestic and foreign real estate data banks, and by being a member of them, respectively. We assist our clients in revealing their demand and possibilities, and in making their decision. We are continuously looking for dwelling-houses in the area of Budapest and its agglomeration, as well as business real estates in the whole country. We also undertake to carry out real estate investment transactions abroad, as our professional know-how as well as language skills make it possible.

We are at home in the market of new houses as well as old ones. Our contacts with Magyar Lakásépitők Szövetsége (Association of Hungarian Home Builders) are up-to-date, thus there is rarely a house for sale under construction, which would be out of our field of vision. Our all-inclusive sight on the market of used dwelling-houses is provided by the activity of the real estate-IT-data bank, and the data gathered from our continuous press-watch. Regarding business real estates we manage to have a complete and up-to-date vision over the real estates in various ownership\'s, with the participation of our partners. By clicking on this link you can get to know our current demand.


We participate in several ways in the successful selling of real estates owned by our clients, from advertisement until carrying out a complex real estate transaction. As we are a member of the merger of Ingatlanklub (Real Estate Club) and OriGo Ingatlanbörze (OriGo Real Estate Market), more than 800 real estate agencies receive our offer directly.


The architect designer is a key person, therefore a very important issue regarding the building of a new flat or expanding an existing one. We can offer for our clients trustworthy designers with adequate references and guarantees, or architect designer offices, depending on the task. By clicking on the link you can get to know our partner architect designers, and their offices, respectively.


We assist our clients in renting as well as letting. Beside the offer of more than 800 partner real estate offices, the data from continuously monitoring the market are available. By this we achieve that our clients receive the most comprehensive information and choice. By clicking on this link you can look at our current demand and supply.


In case of purchase it is not an insignificant issue at all, what position we can achieve in favour of our clients in the market. In many cases, the condition of a successful business is taking a credit - carried out the right way. We enable our clients to do this via our partner financial institutes, with all the possible preferences. By clicking on the link, you can get acquainted with the regulations regarding taking a loan, and you can get information about our partner financial institutes dealing with granting a loan.

Lawyers\'s countersignature

In case of the sale of a real estate the countersignature of a lawyer is stipulated by the law. Our office co-operates with several lawyer\'s office. As a consequence of this co-operation we can achieve several preferences at these offices for the countersigning for our clients. As we are partnering these offices continuously, it is also worth for them providing these preferences for our clients. By clicking on this link you can receive information about our partner lawyers working on their own, as well as lawyer offices.

Land registry

The authenticity of the ownership of a real estate is created by its registration at the Land Registry. In the course of years we have established personal contacts with the workers of the Land Registry of the Districts of Budapest, which has a great significance - as personal contacts do count everywhere else. In case of selling or purchase it is obvious that we can get to some data on ownership sheets, or to the copies of ownership sheets - with the help of our personal contacts - faster and more securely, than others. By clicking on the link you can look at the list of land registries.


Generally, apropos of real estate transactions, the most basic need of our clients is the painting of and smaller repairs in used real estates, and sometimes even a complete renovation. We offer experts - individual entrepreneurs and companies - in many fields for our clients. These companies (entrepreneurs) are our permanent partners, thus we can recommend them with pleasure. In case we cannot suggest a craftsman for some task, we mark this separately. By clicking on the link you can get to know our partners categorised by professions.


In course of most real estate transactions there is a need for packing and moving (loading furniture, transportation). We can offer solutions for both at the same time, and separately, too, if there is such a demand. By clicking on this link you can receive information about our partners.


The purchase of a dwelling-real estate means in most cases the moving of a family to another place, or the moving of a member of the family. For following the changes in life style we offer a system with which you can overview these changes to the smallest detail. By clicking on this link you get to our portal, where you find our collection of links related to a numerous fields of life.

Fitting in of flat

Occupying a new flat - in case it is different from the previous one -, makes it necessary to fit up the flat in the optimal way, not mentioning the toting which goes with moving. It is not the same, where you put the heavy pieces. With the help of our computer program, at a basic level we assist our clients - knowing the parameters of fixtures and fittings - to design the equipment of their flat or house. In case of wish we provide them with an interior decorator from our partners. By clicking on the link you can get information about our current partners.


Currently even the insurance market is characterised by competition. We assist our clients in knowing their way around the field of various flat and life insurance policies. If there is a need for it, we co-operate in effecting the insurance. By clicking on the link, you can review the home pages of domestic insurance companies.

Opening of account

We provide our clients - taking into consideration their life styles - with advice in the field of financial services, too. These are in close relation with eventual loan transactions, as banks dictate that their debtors to hold their account at one of their branches. By clicking on the link you can take a look at the home pages of Hungarian financial institutes.

Establishment of company

In case of some of our clients the changing of the place of living entails the change of employment, too. You can establish a company as well. Our consulting and service covers the management of tasks related to the establishment of a company, too, as long as it is in Budapest.


Our company is a member of Magyar Ingatlan Klub (Hungarian Real Estate Club), and of OriGo Ingatlanbörze Egyesülés (OriGo Real Estate Market Union), respectively. We operate taking into consideration the regulations and ethical codes of these two institutions. Please, take a look at our reference by clicking on the links.


-  e-mail: primordial@adoc.hu
- Tel.: +36-1-236-0328
-  fax: +36-1-350-68-39
-  GSM: +36-30-9651-961

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